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Here’s a look back at the Moss Rock Festival Moth Special Exhibition this past November 3-4, in case you missed it. Plus if interested, now is your chance to own one of these 30×40 moth paintings by our 2018 Featured Artist, Deborah Davis. Please contact our office at 205-595-6306 or email [email protected] for more information.

Moss Rock Festival’s 2018 Featured Artist Deborah Davis showcased 5 of her wonderfully detailed, over-sized moth paintings alongside the moth species that inspired the works.

The featured moth species included:

Giant Leopard Moth // For Sale — featured on the 13th annual marketing campaign
Hypercompe Scribonia

Io Moth – Female // For Sale
Automeris io

Luna Moth – Female // For Sale
Actias Luna #9

Regal Moth // Sold
Citheronia Regalis

Virgin Tiger Moth // Sold
Grammia Virgo

Special thanks to Samford University’s Howard College of Arts and Sciences for lending us the moth specimens from their collection to pair with Deborah’s paintings. Plus, a BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Grant Gentry, Assistant Professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences at Samford University, for curating additional displays of other moth species to round out our educational component of the exhibition. He was also on hand all that weekend to answer patrons’ moth questions.

Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024