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Tracie Noles-Ross_Selfie

Tracie Noles-Ross_Art Image 11It is our pleasure to announce that Tracie Noles-Ross has been selected as the Featured Artist of the 2017 Moss Rock Festival, which is slated for November 4 & 5, 2017 at The Preserve in Hoover.

As the 12th eco-creative festival launched its yearly search for a dynamic artist whose work would harmoniously complement MRF’s collaborative synergy between art and nature, Tracie’s name kept rising to the top. Her artwork has been on our minds for years, but circumstances were not ripe for her participation until now. If you know Tracie, you’re keenly aware of the symbiotic relationship she has with nature that permeates her art, creative energy, home, connections, passions, and routines. Living in tandem with nature has become key to her every day and is a bond that she constantly strives to document, understand, and translate into her work. It is sustenance, knowledge, and a way of life for her and her family.

We look forward to introducing Tracie and her unique perspective on nature and art this Fall. She joins a growing list of gifted artists the festival has been honored to showcase on its poster like Susan Shoemaker (2013), Darrell Ezekiel (2014), Chiharu Roach(2015), and Paul Cordes Wilm (2016). She is certainly in great company as one of the many artists and innovators who make the Festival interesting, exciting, and inspiring each year.

Stay tuned for a peek at the beautiful work of art Tracie created especially for the festival’s poster and media campaign. We will be unveiling it to the public soon. In the meantime, visit her page on our site for more info about her art, process, and more. Click here.

Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024