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Design touches our lives in so many ways. It gives shape, interest, beauty and function to our surroundings. It’s inherent in the familiar, everyday objects we use. It propels life forward through innovation and creativity. Plus, it’s a key component to the identity we put forth to the world at home, work and play, affecting our relationship with and sustainability of the planet. Moss Rock Festival strongly believes in the intrinsic value of design for a smart and pleasurable quality of life. So much so, that Design is one of the cornerstones of the eco-creative festival. +DESIGN at Moss Rock Festival is fashioned as a platform for designers, architects, artisans, makers, and upcyclers to show off their talents, products, initiatives, and vision.

Over the past few years, +Design has featured architectural exhibitions exploring the tiny home.

jim-pfaffmanThe late architect, Jim Pfaffman, joined us in 2013 to showcase over 10 of his designs for compact homes under 1000 square feet. He created these many years ago when living in California before the tiny home movement interest exploded in the media and on television. His homes had great names like Earth Air Fire Wind, Pompei, Cubic, Arcane, The Wedge, and Loos. As part of MRF’s educational outreach, art students from the Alabama School of Fine Arts partnered with the festival that year to create a life-size installation of their visual interpretation of a tiny house space complete with walls, furniture sculpture, and drawings.

In 2015, the festival reached out to Pye Parson about her home that was rebuilt for the HGTV show Tiny House Nation and designed by Birmingham architect Bruce Lanier of Standard Creative. She shared her experience of the rebuild in Mississippi, and delved into the positive and negative challenges it presented living in that smaller footprint.


This year, Moss Rock Festival is excited to host 2 actual tiny homes for visitors to step into on November 5-6: Harmony Tiny Homes AND Durling Design, Inc.

Patrons will be able to See one in person. Learn how these homes are being built and designed with smart innovations for compact living. Experience what tiny home living feels like. Do we really need the amount of space we’ve come to expect at home? You decide.

Harmony Tiny Homes

Find these tiny homes in Sites 224 & 200 at the intersection of Yellow and Blue Rows.

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Click here to see the Venue Map.

Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023