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Moss Rock Festival has been delighted by many memorable animal subjects created by amazing local artists for its poster over the last 3 years. Susan Shoemaker’s “Dwarf Rabbit” had personality out the ying yang and a hypnotic gaze and expression that could make anyone smile. Darrell Ezekiel’s “Swirl Squirrel” was brought to life using recycled quilts as viewed through a modern, graphic silhouette.  Last year, the detailed precision and hand of Chiharu Roach drew you in to a web of hair-tangled indigenous insects like bees, lady bugs, a butterfly, a bird, and even a cicada.

This year, Moss Rock Festival is excited to announce that Paul Cordes Wilm has been selected as the eco-creative festival’s 2016 Featured Artist.



Paul is a prolific Southern painter, born and raised in Alabama and currently living in Birmingham. The bright colors (a good-natured nod to the artist’s red/green colorblindness), satirical juxtapositions and sharp sense of humor all make his “Folk-Pop” artwork nearly iconic in the Magic City. Equally influenced by Andy Warhol and Mose Tolliver, you have probably seen Wilm’s paintings and designs at many local art festivals and events, including Moss Rock Festival. Wilm’s whimsical characters are waiting to greet you at many local businesses including Naked Art Gallery, Rojo, Jackson’s, Lucy’s, and even the music venue, Saturn. Wilm also designed WBHM’s 2015 Spring fund drive pint glasses. In that same year he painted a life-size Vulcan statue (part of the “Vulcans On Parade” project) entitled “Forging Ahead” which now permanently resides in front of the BJCC Arena.

Paul is an adamant/staunch/obsessive recycler. The subjects of his paintings are often animal too. This connection to nature and the sustainability of our planet has influenced him both personally and professionally. For instance, all of his artwork is created using 90-100% recycled materials, from found wood to used house paint to recycled computer ink to junk mail. When he sells pieces, he lets people know these facts, hoping that they might realize how many items we blindly throw into the garbage that can actually be reused in another way with a bit of innovation and creativity. This belief and process makes his work and its themes especially perfect for Moss Rock Festival. We can’t wait for you to see the painting he created for the festival’s 11th annual poster and marketing campaign. Stay tuned. We’ll be unveiling it soon.

To learn lots more about Paul and his work, click here.



Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023