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If you’ve ever walked down Cobb Lane, the famous cobblestone alley tucked away in 5 Point South, you are instantly aware of its unique charm. The J. Clyde, A Hot Rock Tavern & Alehouse, is one stop along this thoroughfare that really adds to Cobb Lane’s allure.

The restaurant & bar’s passion and respect for craft beer, brewing, and culinary pairings is what drew Moss Rock Festival to it. And that love for beer is immediately evident when you walk in the doors and see the the array of taps protruding from their unique rock wall bar. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think you were in a tasting room cellar of a popular German pub.

The J. Clyde_rock bar_Taps The J. Clyde_rock bar_1

Jerry Hartley, owner of The J. Clyde, has a reputation that preceeds him. He is not only a beer connoisseur and expert, but he was also a key player in the craft beer movement in our state. And his connections within the brewing community only reinforce his passion and support for the industry and its brewers. Those relationships are why he is able to secure some pretty special beers to show off at the restaurant throughout the year and at Moss Rock Festival’s Beer Garden on November 1 & 2. The-J-Clyde_At-MRFThis year, Jerry once again reached out to his Alabama brewer friends to secure one-of-a-kind beer casks to pair with the restaurant’s infamous sauerkraut balls. 2014 Featured firkins will include Blue Pants, Cahaba, Good People, Fairhope, and Straight to Ale. You’re in for a pretty great beer tasting experience when you visit The J. Clyde’s table this year! Help us welcome The J. Clyde back for their 2nd year at the craft beer tasting event helping to raise money for art and eco educational programming at the 9th annual, free eco-creative festival happening at The Preseve in Hoover.  For more information or to order tickets to Beer Garden, click here.

And if you love The J. Clyde as much as we do, and appreciate their place in our community, please support them as they try to secure one of Chase’s Mission Main Street Grants awarding to twenty small businesses. Click here to give them your vote.

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Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024