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THE BLOG INETRVIEWS: Artist Row’s Anna Mazurek, Photography

What artist’s career do you follow?
I have always been inspired by the work of Dallas-based photographer Allison V. Smith. A majority of her work is shot on medium format film on a Hasselblad or Holga, which are my two favorite cameras. Her composition is very strong and compelling. Her work and projects are always a source of inspiration.

What artist have you traded art with over the last year?
I traded one of my large travel prints of India with local Birmingham painter Clay Stembridge for a personalized painting. One of my favorite series of paintings he did featured a little girl with a red balloon named for the feeling she represented – Hope. His use of color, materials and humor are eye-catching and unique.

How is your art inspired by nature?
A majority of my photography is focused on travel landscapes because I am a vagabond at heart. I work overseas part of the year. I look for unique ways to photograph the beauty of isolated places like the Himalayas and the details of everyday life that people often overlook.

I also like to add an element of humor to nature. I have a globetrotting garden gnome named Alfred. I photograph Alfred in iconic places across the world. My goal is to make people smile and inspire them. If a little green gnome can travel the world, why can’t you?

What is the most difficult part of your art process?
The most difficult part of photography is patience. I’m always waiting for the right light, moment or interaction. Sometimes I’m waiting for people to move in or out of the frame for composition purposes. I often get up at sunrise to indulge in the calmness while I wait for the right light.

What is the range of prices that you charge for your art?
My photo cards are $3 each. Matted prints range from $18-$60.

How can someone follow you on social media?
Feel free to check out my blog, etsy and vimeo:
My globetrotting garden gnome, Alfred, is on facebook:

To see more about Anna and her work, click here.


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