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Moss Rock Festival

Cole-Tyson Land & Garden Design

Why is running an environmentally conscious business important to you?

When you look around and expect that this is a common cultural priority, we are unfortunately forced to realize that only a very small percentage of businesses craft business plans that consider the Natural Environment.  If we think back to the beginnings of Human Settlement on the land we may realize that we once had no choice, but to work with the natural environment and respect it. Many businesses are so far removed from the landscape based on our cultural innovations and technology, that it is often hard to even want to care about the environment unless this is an ethic that holds high priority in our lifestyle already.  Our cultural systems are so strong that there are full generations of people that are living with minimal daily interaction with our truly natural landscapes. So it is important us, because we live like this even before business, and our family has for many generations and passed down these ethics as a first lifestyle priority. We are thankful for nature and the beauty and inspiration it brings and accept the cultural responsibility to lead by example.  Amongst many inspirations, we were most inspired by a recent trip to Burkina Faso, Africa when we saw what true conservation is based on the cultural reality of poverty. The people smiled. Why, because they were content with what they had, and spiritually grounded, thus we realized how wasteful many Americans are and our lives were forever changed to strive to be like this African Village we stayed in!  They lived very simply and focused on strong relationships with people.  This is a beautiful thing!

What need drove or inspired your eco-related business or organization?

Americans generally are extremely wasteful and uneducated about conservation as a general daily discipline. So it was important for us to confront this idea of Stewardship and Conservation of Time, Money, Space, Relationships, Natural Resources, and more. More along the lines of literally launching the business, we were challenged to accept the reality that now is a risky time to start a business.  We believe that if the business foundation answers the question “Why” and our marketing conveys a message that is morally sound with a servants heart, our business will flourish and lives will be changed.  We were not discouraged by the tough economic times, because we understand that people will still find great value in our services due to the reality that Nature is so extremely important to positive lifestyle development. We needed to produce quicker to impact more people, so we became mobile and decided to begin working on site.  Also we needed to develop a model that was as financially responsible as possible to minimize our business risk and provide us with a healthy profit to further other subsidiary business that will also culturally lead by example and impact as many people as we can.  And, the value is in the design process. We learned that way too many people in our same industry are providing services without giving the clients the true design experience that they deserve to fully protect their lifestyle investment.  It all starts with the collaborative design process, and there was a huge need for Affordable design services in our city. So we have made this service available to individuals, businesses, Landscape Contractors, General Contractors, Realtors, and anyone else who we can share this valuable process with.

How can people find out more about your company or organization and what it does, besides coming out to Moss Rock Festival?

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 Check out their special outdoor nature room installation on the Yellow Row and register to win a planter box for your garden.

Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023