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Moss Rock Festival

Craig Showronek/Lula Woodworks, Wood

What artists have influenced you?

Though always a creative person, it was a few years into a life changing experience a decade ago that the true artist in me finally came out. My wife Lula is the inspiration for all I do. I chose the name Lula Woodworks for my company for a reason, and the reason is that Lula stands for the beauty that life holds when you follow your dream and make it reality. I have always admired Frank Lloyd Wright’s spin on things, but my favorite artist is my daughter. Her work is all over my shop and the art world will be talking about her soon.

As an artist, we know you create. But what style of work do you like to collect? Do you have a favorite piece that you must glance at on a daily basis?

My medium is wood.  I let the wood I am working with at the time tell me what the final design will be. Every piece of wood is different and just like in life, if you try to make something be something it’s not, it doesn’t work.

What kind of work will you be exhibiting for sale at Moss Rock Festival and how was it inspired by nature?

We’ll be displaying boards, boards and more boards at Moss Rock. Cutting boards, cheese boards, bread boards, bar boards and what I like to call my salami boards. They’re made out of about 20 different types of wood & come in every shape & size you can think of.

How can people find out more about you? 

Look for Lula Woodworks on Facebook.

To find out more about Craig and his work, click here.

Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023