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Moss Rock Festival’s

Joanna Sanders, Jewelry

What artists have influenced you?

Oh, so many!!! Right now I am obsessed with the work of a local artist by the name of Barbra Hamel. She makes amazing spoon jewelry!

What exposure to art as a child influenced your career path?

I don’t know exactly what inspired me. I just know that there has always been a burning desire inside of me to create things.

As an artist, we know you create. But what style of work do you like to collect? Do you have a favorite piece that you must glance at on a daily basis?

Doing this kind of work is cool because most of us can’t afford what we want, but sometimes we get lucky and the stuff we like is created by an artist that likes our stuff too and a trade can be worked out. Right now I am obsessed with a piece that I don’t have and am saving up for. The artist that created it doesn’t wear jewelry, so a trade isn’t in the works. Just good ole’ saving my pennies.

What kind of work will you be exhibiting for sale at Moss Rock Festival and how was it inspired by nature?

I make all natural jewelry using 100% natural gemstones, recycled copper electrical wire and sterling silver (when I can afford it). I have just started using copper sheet metal and the possibilities are endless. I am having a blast trying to figure out how to marry the world of beads and copper and continually come up with new design ideas.

How can people find out more about you?

Visit my website at

Find out more about Joanne, plus see more of her artwork:  Click here.

Moss Rock Festival

November 2-3, 2024