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Moss Rock Festival’s

Paddle Out

Why is running an environmentally conscious business important to you?

Our whole brand is geared around a love for (maybe even an obsession with) our streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. Water is at the very core of our being; necessary to sustain life itself, so it’s critical that we respect and protect these finite resources. The waves and fish our brand portrays are reliant upon us to be good stewards of our environment.

What need drove or inspired your eco-related business?

We started as a couple of friends who grew up surfing, paddling and fishing together, and who have gotten sick of the big, corporate surf / fishing brands out there who have lost the ‘soul’ of our sports. We decided to try and help the watersports industry find its roots again – no contests, celebrity / pro sponsorships, no tournaments, no hype, and no motors. We wanted to celebrate the stuff everybody else seems to have forgotten; the simple joys that make us so addicted to life in the water – catching little fish on a skinny creek, riding sloppy waves, getting lost exploring new water, making stories.

How can people find out more about your company or organization and what it does, besides coming out to Moss Rock Festival?

Check us out at, or on Twitter (@thepaddleout) or Facebook (Paddle Out).

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Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023