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The AAF (Alabama Advertising Federation) hosted the the 53rd annual Birmingham Addy Awards at the Alabama Theatre last night where they honored the best & the brightest creative talent our great city has to offer. Congratulations to Moss Rock Festival’s (MRF) 2010 design team and sponsor, From Scratch Design! They were honored with a Gold Addy award in the Advertising for the Arts & Sciences category for the outstanding marketing campaign they created for the 2010 MRF, the premeier eco-creative festival which welcomed 15,000 patrons to The Preserve in Hoover on November 6 & 7.

MRF  is absolutely enamored with the new logo, website, promotional ads and collaterals Kelly Housholder and her team of Anna Reynolds and Paul Halupka created for the 2010 festival marketing campaign. We have been singing their praises since our collaboration began last spring. It is fantastic to see our sentiments echoed by their peers. This top award is much deserved. We are all smiles.

Thank you From Scracth Design for doing such beautiful work! We marvel at your vision, creativity and talent. Bravo!!!!

Moss Rock Festival

November 4-5, 2023