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The Crescent Stage will be spotlighting live music from local talent all weekend under a blanket Fall colors. Grab a spot on The Village Green for a great line up of entertainment, or catch the traveling sound waves as you explore the festival’s diverse offerings.

2013 LINE UP

Saturday, November 2

11:00 – Nathan Peek and the New Thread
12:00 - Taylor Flannigan
1:00 – Tonya Lewis
2:00 – The Heavy Hearts
3:00 – Steve Norris
4:00- David & Mollie

Sunday, November 3

12:00 – Atticus Avenue
1:00 – Marian McKay
2:00 – The Daughters
3:00 – Jeffrey Allred

Musician Bios:

From the oldies to the more up-to-date popular music – our music spans pop, contemporary, jazz, blues, oldies, R&B, 60′s, 70′s, 80′s and 90′s hits and a variety of others.Our band is a well rounded, mature, professional, high energy group. Whether you like chair groovin or movin on the dance floor. Little Leon and the MudCats specialize in creating distinctive collections of music that evoke memories of yesterday and capture the spirit of today. These are the songs that you have enjoyed for a lifetime.Each member brings their own unique musical style, professional experience and flavor to the group.

Lending sweet voices and melodies to a parade of clever lyrics, The Daughters are one of Birmingham’s best local concoctions. Laid back and acoustic, with brilliantly crafted 2-part harmonies, their vocals sail easily over a guitar and piano. They’ll  keep you on your toes with a mix of original tunes and unexpected covers ranging from Paul Simon to Radiohead. These ladies have the distinction of being one of the few duos that features two lead singers. They take turns writing and singing, following in the style of their former band, The Black Magnolias, which featured a third Birmingham songstress. Having refined their particular blend of styles over the past year, this duo has moved swiftly to the forefront of the Birmingham’ music scene. Once you experience this auditory treat, you will understand why The Daughters are two of Birmingham’s favorite offspring.

Taylor has been playing guitar since he was 16.  Originally from Anniston Alabama, Taylor has been writing songs for around 15 years and is a self taught player.  Moving from Chattanooga, Atlanta and Charleston he has played in many bars and spent a summer in Southside being a street musician.  Many talk of his style as being with Bob Dylan roots and Dave Matthews rhythm.  His music comes from what he has seen in his unique form of interpretation.  He has had several gigs around Birmingham in last year from the beer festival to local bars.  In 2008, Taylor participated in the Frank Brown International  Songwriters Festival and gained exposure to many Nashville songwriters and acts.  He currently lives in Birmingham with his wife, Melissa and two daughters Marley and Laney